Sunday, 3 August 2014

Artists' Impressions

Needlework as a hobby/skill has traditionally been passed down through the generations from mother to daughter to granddaughter. When someone in a family makes clothes or quilts it's usual for other family members to get involved, even if it's just helping to choose fabrics.

We have a three generation family visit our shop regularly. Mother and daughter attend our workshops and the grandchildren, aged 5 and 3, come along on shopping visits. They like to choose fabrics to have dresses made from by their Mum. When they first started coming to the shop, they were very small and shy but, once they got to know us a bit better, they wouldn't leave without getting a kiss on the cheek. Now they are disappointed if Darren isn't in the shop when they visit.

They recently came into the shop, after a painting day, and presented Ann with two pictures that they had painted. One shows Ann with the two girls and the other shows 'the boy in the quilt shop' (aka Darren - the 50 something boy!). 

Their Dad has recently changed jobs and they will be moving quite a way from us, so we probably won't see them as often. We will miss our little friends and hope they enjoy their new house and school and that they come back to see us often. 

These are their artistic impressions of us.